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Member Since: 01-01-2008
I remember my husband Pat asking me my thoughts on moving from Des Moines back to Cedar Rapids to open a Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping location. The idea was scary, but very exciting! In June 2007 the Boyson Road FXB opened. It was a challenging start. Pat left the house by 4:30 in the morning and didn't come home until 7pm, not to mention I was pregnant with our third son. We now have four boys, under the age of 9, so leading a healthy lifestyle, feeling good and having lots of energy are a necessity for this mom!

We have never looked back and never had any doubts about the success of Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping! We feel very fortunate that our customers have embraced this program.

Prior to Farrell's I was in HR management and recruiting. Now I spend my days working out, instructing and working with the FXB team. It's a great way to spend the day!

Member Since: 4/6/2013
The reason I started Farrell's: Two words: Extreme & Team
My favorite part of being an instructor: The opportunity to coach a team and hopefully transfer my passion to them
My favorite combo is: Jab-Cross-Hook-Upper
My favorite music: Hard Rock
My favorite quote: "True hell is when you die, you meet the person you could've been"
Member Since 06-2013. 
The reason I started Farrell's: Meet a personal goal and spend more time with my wife.
My favorite part of being an Instructor: Interacting with all of the people.
Favorite Kickboxing Combo: Basic Jab/Cross
Favorite Muscle Group: Quads
My favorite music: 80s Metal
My favorite quote is: "I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our Attitudes."
Member Since: 01-01-2010
The Reason I started Farrell's: I belonged to other gyms and tried other fitness programs. None of which encompassed nutrition and fitness in one. I never really felt like I belonged. When I started my 10 week program, I expected to go to class each day, get my work done and go home. I never expected to feel "a-part" of something. It really helps to know my fellow classmates. It makes you want to show up each day. I felt more accountable when you work out with the same people everyday. I am glad to be apart of the Farrell's XB family.
Favorite Kickboxing Combo: Right Round, Left BackFist
Favorite Muscle Group: Triceps
Favorite Quote: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Member Since: 01-07-2008
My wife and I started FXB in January 2008. From the very first day, I was hooked with the program. Growing up on a farm and playing sports, FXB fit my hard work ethic and challenging nature. Just going to a regular gym was not enough for me. Farrell’s gives me the best workout I have ever gotten in 45 minutes. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be an instructor in order to help others achieve their goals. It has been very rewarding to watch people change both mentally and physically from week to week. In addition to having great results through FXB, I have met some wonderful people and I am a healthier, happier person.
Member Since: January 2014
The reason I started Farrell's: I started Farrell's because I had hit my max weight at 210 and wasn't happy with my health and appearance. I was always healthy through High School and College, but the sedentary lifestyle of sitting behind a desk all day was beginning to catch up with me. My wife had just completed her 10 week session when I joined in January of 2014 and I went into it figuring with an athletic background this would be a breeze... let's say it was humbling. After day 1 kickboxing I was gassed, and helped to frame the next ten weeks as a challenge I was willing to tackle one day at a time. Since that day Farrell's has continued as a part of my life as I continue on my journey of good health and fitness.
My favorite part of being an instructor: Pushing 10 week participants and FIT members to reach their workout limits, while having fun in the process.
My favorite combo is: Jab, Cross, Hook
My favorite muscle group is: Upper Body - Biceps and Back
My favorite music: Rock and R&B
My favorite quote: "The only bad workout is the one you didn't do"
Member Since: 09-01-2010
I have always been a very active individual, playing sports all through high school and college. Once out of college, I continued to workout at various gyms and started taking a new interest in running. I was training for my third marathon when a hamstring injury sidelined me late in my training and I wasn't able to compete in the race. The next year I began training for my third marathon (again) when an IT band injury almost did the same thing, but I wasn't giving in this time - I struggled through the pain and ran the most uncomfortable race I had ever run. That following winter, I began to train again and once again suffered from an injury. I knew that I was missing something in my training that was causing all of these injuries and I needed to fix it! Not being able to train was not kind to my waist line either - I needed to make a change!
I joined Farrell's in October of 2010 - I had always worked out at the gym by myself and tried to fit in strength training, but had never pushed myself as I needed and would often skip strength training to get an extra run in. I knew that this was a major contributing factor to my recent injury streak. Farrell's was exactly the push I needed - the coaches and instructors were so motivating there was no way I was going to miss a class, I was always excited to see what we were going to do next! With the nutrition information added in, I was changing my training in more ways than just adding strength training and ended up being in better shape than I ever expected. Not only have I remained injury free since I joined, I have also cut my race times in each race since starting Farrell's!
Now, as an instructor and coach I love being able to help others achieve their goals - no matter what that may be. I firmly believe that if you follow the program and dedicate that hour each day to yourself and push your Level 10, you are able to do anything you want to do - no matter what shape you start in! Don't give yourself the chance to forget how good working out makes you feel!
Member Since: March, 2008
The reason I started Farrell's: I wanted to take my fitness and nutrition to the next level.
My favorite part of being an instructor: I love helping members achieve their goals and create a healthier lifestyle.
My favorite combo is: Jab-cross-switch round
My favorite muscle group is: Biceps
My favorite music: Rock
My favorite quote: Change your thoughts and you change your world.
Member Since: October 2012
The reason I started Farrell's: I was going to try one last thing before I just gave up trying to lose weight after having three kids...and a Groupon for FXB came to my mailbox that day...
My favorite part of being an instructor: Getting to help people who are in the same place I was 5 years ago!
My favorite combo is: Left knee/right round/left backfist/right backfist
My favorite muscle group is: Biceps
My favorite music: Contemporary Christian and show tunes
My favorite quote: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Corinthians 5:17
Member Since: July 11, 2016
The reason I started Farrell's: My husband had just completed the 10 week program and stayed on as a FIT member. He had great success with his transformation and his enthusiasm was contagious. We wanted to work out together so I signed up.
My favorite part of being an instructor: I love the early morning classes and it feels good to help people get their day started on a positive note.
My favorite combo is: Jab, Cross, Switch Foot Round
My favorite muscle group is: Quads
My favorite music: Pop, 80s Rock
My favorite quote: "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"
Member Since: 03-31-2008
I've loved Farrell's since at least the third week of joining; the first couple of weeks are compartmentalized in that gray area of the brain reserved for things like childbirth, root canals, etc.! I was always glad I signed up, though, because after more than 25 years of working out and being in decent shape, I'd never walked away from my workouts feeling that exhilarated, gratified, or wiped out! It was such a great fit. I loved th positive energy, the sense of community, and engagement in each others' success and results. Managing my home and business with two small children, the 45-minute early morning workouts were ideal for my schedule. Farrell's feels like family, and it's so rewarding to watch the family grow and change peoples’ lives in such a positive way!
Member Since: January 9th 2016
The reason I started Farrell's: To regain the strength I lost by going from always being physically active at my job to a desk job. I was physically weak and I needed to lose pounds and inches I gained by having a sit down job as well.
My favorite part of being an instructor: Watching the members give all that they got in my classes. The level 10's that come out of these people is amazing! Seeing them feel good about their work outs is a feel good for me too.
Favorite Combo: Left jab/right cross - it's the money punch!
Favorite Muscle Group: Biceps and Quads
My favorite music: Country
Favorite Quote: "I have 2 favorite quotes: She believed she could, so she did.  -  Stand up for your principles even if you stand alone. 
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