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Farrell's Built My Confidence

I wouldn’t have called myself a quitter. See, to quit something, you have to start it in the first place. I had a habit of just not trying something at all if I thought I might fail. I didn’t see failure as the first step in a long journey towards success. And that’s the funny part to me now. In trying to avoid failure, I never really got to understand the true meaning of success. That’s not the case anymore, and I have Farrell’s and my Farrell’s family to thank.

In 2008, a high school friend passed away suddenly from a leak in his aorta. He was an athlete, worked out regularly, and always took care of himself. It didn’t seem right. Around that same time, doctors found a major blockage in the main artery of my mom’s heart. She was days away from a massive heart attack. An active, thin middle-aged woman, it was clear that she was unlucky in the genes department. For better or worse, 50% of those genes are also in me. Between the loss of my friend and my mother’s heart disease, I realized I needed to make some changes. I did one of the most important things I’ve ever done: I quit smoking. Now I was officially a “quitter,” and it felt great.

That was just the start in a long journey of  becoming a healthier, better person. I’ve always been petite, so people assume that I’m healthy. The reality is, a person’s size isn’t indicative of their health. I take after my mother in countless ways, which means there is a good chance I have the same heart. Knowing that, and knowing that my husband and I want to start a family, I decided it was time to really make a change. I want to live a long, happy life with my husband and our future children. And I want to be the type of mother like I have. I want to make my family proud. 

So, on a freezing January morning, about 4:40 am, I scraped the ice off my windshield and headed to Farrell’s for my first kickboxing class. I was exhausted getting out of bed that day, and my car was so cold as I drove, but I just kept telling myself, “you are doing this for your future children.” 

Within a few weeks of following the nutrition plan and going to class every day at 5 am, I stopped telling myself, “you are doing this for your future children.” I realized, I was doing this for me. I was doing something hard. Something that requires you to fail (muscle failure is a goal here). Something that made me feel energized, happy, and proud. My body was changing, but more than anything, my brain was changing. I stopped being afraid of failure. I was ready to take on new challenges. I had real confidence.

As the weeks went on, I thought I might have a real chance at the $1000. It wasn’t the reason I went to class every morning, but it certainly served as a little extra motivation. At final testing, I’d done everything I could up until that point. I’d given my level 10 in workouts. I stuck with the nutrition. There was just one more thing to do and that was push-ups. My workout buddy and coworker Karen told me around week 4 that she wanted me to do 53 push-ups (on my toes) at final testing. “Yeah right!” I think I said to her, “If I can do 53 push-ups, I’ll cry.” The thing about push-ups, you will reach failure. At a certain point, you can’t do anymore. But by week 10, I was okay with the idea of failure. When it came time to do those push-ups, I didn’t stop. Then the moment came when I hit number 53. I had a couple of seconds left in the minute countdown. I’d hit the goal set by Karen. But that’s when the transformation really became apparent. I went for number 54. I knew as I started that final push-up that I really might fail. I might crash my face right into the mat. But I was sure going to try.

I did it. Fifty four push-ups in one minute. It wasn’t pretty. It was shaky and sweaty, but I did it, even with the threat of failure aching in my muscles. And I was right…I did cry.

I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it. I now have strong legs that I’ve toned at Farrell’s, they have carried me around the world, including on a bicycle trip through Tuscany and the Italian Alps with my husband (which was partially financed by my $1000 winnings!). I don’t use my lungs to smoke cigarettes. Instead, they sustained me through my first half marathon a few weeks ago. My arms aren’t skinny; they are strong. I’ve used these arms to hold my baby nieces and one day I’ll hold my own babies in them. And my heart? It’s healthy and ready to live and love for many, many more years.  
Teresa is a FIT member, instructor and previous $1000 winner from our Farrell's C Street Location in 
Cedar Rapids, IA .


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*Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.



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