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I Make The Time !

Let’s face it, life is busy.  No matter what stage of life, no matter what age, we all have ten places to go and no clones of us to be at all ten of those places.   This is my story; I am a busy mom that MAKES herself have “me time.”

Life happens quickly.  To date, I am the mom of 2 amazing kiddos, ages 7 and 4, both are involved in sports; I have been married to my husband for 10 years; I am a full-time working outside of the home mom, as well as running my own business, and working the office part-time at my Farrell’s location.  I have been a member at the C Street location for almost 4 years.  Most people ask me how I do it all!  I have been asked if I have 36 hours in my day instead of my 24?  My answer is simple, I have to and I just make the most of EVERY minute in my day.   

If I look back to where I was 4 years ago, I had a 8 month old baby and I was trying to get to a comfortable physique.  I was working out a bit and trying to be active at home.  My friends and family always said that I looked great and I smiled at the compliments, but I didn’t feel great.  I hadn’t ever felt the comfort level I wanted when I was wearing a swimsuit and I have always had a bit of a negative self-image.  I was at the stage where I was definitely not ready for the “mom shorts/jeans”, but after kids, let’s face it, your body isn’t shaped the way it was before.   

September 2012, I walked in to the initial testing at Farrell’s. I remember thinking, what had I gotten myself in to.   I was competitive in high school, but I was a mom now!  I’m too old to be competitive! Walking out of my initial testing my mindset had changed.  I promised myself I would give the nutrition program a chance for the first 3 weeks, and would set reasonable goals so I could achieve them. I would lose 4 pounds, get more definition in my muscles and feel comfortable in a swim suit.  That’s it.  Little did I know, a few short weeks in, I had more drive at work, at home, and on the FXB blue mats.   I was going to win the $1,000.  My competitive edge was back.  It was week 6 and the manager, Lisa Bata, had said to me in passing, “Geez, you can tell you are losing weight when your yoga pants are even baggy, Jamie!” 

I postponed my Christmas celebration with my family to attend the ten-week final testing.  I finished my 10 weeks by losing 14 pounds.  I lost 8% body fat.  I did 64 push-ups from my toes in 1 minute.  I did NOT win the $1,000 but it drove me to stay with the program.  I kept my edge, and am still here almost 4 years later.  I focus each day on nutrition and living life at Level 10.  I enjoy life more than I have in years.  I hadn’t been that skinny since I was a freshman in high school and I felt DANG GOOD in that swimsuit! 

I live a better life, I make the most out of every minute of the day, and I DEFINITELY make the most out of my 45 minutes in class.  I continue to make this a part of my every day routine because I need to.  I need to show my kids there is life outside of video games and that parents can be fit and should be fit.    I talk with my kids about healthy food options and we eat to make us “run faster”.  They try new things because Mom says it’s healthy.  They even want to do sit-ups, push-ups and hen pecks with me at home!

Recently, my husband re-joined Farrell’s and we are living the full Level 10 FXB lifestyle.  So many of the participants have become like an extended family to me, some of them I have seen transform in their mind, body, and spirit, and in turn, they have continued to motivate me.  I recently had someone tell me they are too intimidated to be my partner on the kickboxing bag.  No one at Farrell’s is trying to intimidate anyone, but rather to push them.  Pushing you to be at your Level 10 in ALL aspects of your life, that push you need to kick that bag harder, and pushing you to attempt using that higher resistance band color.  I am so proud of the transformation I’ve had, as well witnessing my family’s transformation.   I am MOST proud of how many people I’ve been blessed to be able to help on their road to transformation.  I hope to see you on the blue mats as well and whenever in question about what you can and cannot do, just look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I GOT THIS”.

Jamie is a FIT member, part time office staff and instructor at our C Street location.

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