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Farrell's Has Helped Me To Realize Being Fit Is Not About The Number on The Scale!

For as long as I can remember, I have had issues with my approaches to maintaining my weight. As I started getting older these issues progressed and I began my maintenance roller-coaster. I would go through stints where I would work-out all the time and eat minimal in the attempt to “be happy” with my look, but I never was. Then I would get discouraged and taper off, gaining the weight I had lost and then some.  This cycle continued for a while.

After I had my daughter I was at an all-time high for my weight, but I had just had a baby and I accepted that as the norm. I became unhappy and the cycle began again, gaining and losing, but never maintaining long or being happy with myself. Eventually, I started running with a group of close friends and that was my ticket to maintaining, but I still wasn’t eating well. I felt like I looked better and healthier, but far from being truly healthy. I had my son in 2011 and with two small children it became harder and harder to get out and run. At this point, even after my son was born I didn’t necessarily have a lot of weight to lose, but I did want to tone and mentally I just needed something. The less I was able to get out and workout the worse I started feeling mentally. I knew I needed something consistent, to make me feel good again. I wanted to be more than I was, I wanted people to look at me and say, “Wow!  SHE has two kids?  She must work out.”

I had always wanted to join Farrell’s, but really never thought I could justify the amount of money it would cost me, especially with a family. However, I knew that FXB would give me consistency and I had heard all the amazing transformation stories. Early in November 2012 my husband suggested that maybe we should give Farrell’s a try . After some debating we decided it to join the program.  Matt and I started the 10-week program in January 2013.

During my first 5 weeks, I had very minimal results, I remember standing in line and the manager coming up to me and I was just choking back tears! All this hard work, working out 6 days a week, not being able to eat everything in sight and I felt I wasn’t changing at all!! Even at week 10, these were my reoccurring thoughts, but I LOVED the encouragement and push that I received in each class. The adrenaline every single time I stepped on those mats was amazing and my husband was doing this with me. I had to remind myself that I felt awesome, even if I didn’t see what I would consider “a lot” of changes at the time. Something was making me feel empowered and good. I liked it! At the end of my 10 weeks I had a weight loss of four pounds, about 10 and a half inches, and three percent body fat.  I also increased my push-ups by 37, my sit-ups by 26 and decreased my mile time by almost two minutes!

As much as I was hoping for larger numbers and $1000, I had realized that FXB was so much more to me, it was my place. The place I could go to get away from everything, to release anger and tension, and the place where I was the most confident and strongest I had ever felt. That to me was worth a price of a monthly membership, so I pressed on. It was no longer a financial decision for me.

Three years later, I weigh more than I did when I started, but I am both mentally and physically stronger than I ever thought possible. I have completed two half marathons, I rode a day of RAGBRAI, I completed multiple mud runs, and I live a healthy, active, and positive lifestyle with my family! My kids, Ella (10) and Brayden (5), know Farrell’s as part of our schedule. I have enjoyed my FXB journey so much that I take every opportunity to tell others about it and encourage them to go outside what they even imagined possible. I honestly believe that if you don’t go outside of your safety zone, you will never know how much your body and mind can truly accomplish!! I have been coaching FXB 10 week members for 2-years now and I enjoy instructing bands classes weekly! FXB has become my “norm”!      

Julie C. is a FIT member and instructor at our C Street Location. 

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**Individual results will vary.

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